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Reggie Witherspoon was fired by the University of Buffalo after failing to make the NCAA tournament. Reggie will be remembered for 14 great years at the school. In the end not making the tournament is unacceptable and therefore a change was needed.

Buffalo Bills sign one free agent. This is not a huge surprise that the Bills did not spend on premier talent. The team itself is in a rebuilding mode. They need a solid draft that includes a QB of the future.

Buffalo Sabres continue to fall apart. The Sabres have not been able to put the wins together. They will not be able to make the playoffs this season. It is time for Pegula and the management team to consider trading Ryan Miller and other players.

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Today the United Nations condemmed North Korea’s latest rocket launch. Finally Russia and China were onboard with the sanctions. The United States, South Korea, and Japan have for far too long been without the assistance of China and Russia on this issue.

North Korea’s response is to threaten to take out the United States with a preemptive nuclear attack. This is the same speech with a different tone from them. They cannot hit our mainland with a nuclear bomb. They can however endanger the United States allies in the region.

The United States needs to take a strong stand against this type of speech. The government of the United States needs to send a massage that any threat with a nuclear weapon attached will not go unanswered. This means yes the United States should take preemptive action against any missle sites in North Korea.

It’s time to put North Korea back into line. No talks. Action should speak louder then words.


Is the Filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz the beginning of a true Revolution, the awakening of Americans? We shall see and hope. Here is the live feed from C-SPAN of the filibuster from the Senate floor. God Bless America.

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Apple:Has over 100 billion dollars in cash on hand. Maybe giving a billion back to your stockholders would be a good idea. Holding all that money is not responsible. Give the economy a boast with it.

Pope:The pope gave his final speech today and said that sometimes god was asleep. He said he wouold stay catholic. Time for the Pope to move on

Hagel:Hagel has been confirmed as the new defense secretary. He will be challenged to come up with solutions very fast to budget issues.

Smith:Alex Smith will be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs when trading season open ups. the Chiefs gave up a second round and a mid round pick in 2014.


One of these posts I do not take lightly. No one losing a job is good for anyone. In this case with professional sports it is needed. Darcy Regier the longtime GM of the Buffalo Sabres needs to be fired before the trade deadline.

The case is simple too many busts. Too few playoff appearances. No Stanely Cup.

The team itself has played pathetic since the dumping of Lindy Ruff. Yes a change was needed but in the end the GM must go.